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Meet the Founders of Insane Gains Nutrition

Insane Gains Nutrition is a small family business founded by Brian and Ashley Teem, together with Ashley's father Trini Quintana. We believe everyone deserves to feel strong and to succeed at their fitness goals. We know what it is like to want to get in shape, and need a little extra push to get there. Supplements have helped us get the results we're looking for. We want to help you get results, too. That's why we started Insane Gains Nutrition: to provide the best supplements to help you become the best you.

Brian's Transformation: From Insecure to Bodybuilding Champion

For years I was this guy on the left. I was tired of being insecure so I started weight lifting and trying different supplements. Through trial and error I learned over the years what works best, and I wanted to share that with other people and help them reach their goals. - Brian

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Ashley's Transformation: From New Mom to Hot Mama


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Trini's Transformation

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Trini Quintana (co-founder) 801-419-3154

Brian Teem (co-founder) 385-261-9443

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